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The 26th Multicultural Summer Concerts'21 - Encounter of Cultures in St. Luke's Church dedicate this evening in temporal proximity to the Jewish festival "Rosh ha-Shanah" to wonderful melodies and songs from the cultural circle of Jewish music.

Veranstaltungen in Berlin: Liebeslieder aus dem spanischen Judentum
© visitBerlin, Illustration: Klio Karadim

The most beautiful Sephardic songs can be heard with Anne-Lisa Nathan, mezzo-soprano and Gerd Rosinsky, piano (on the historic Steinweg grand piano).

  • Donations requested for the Generations Bath.      

Concerts will be held at St. Luke's Church, Kreuzberg, under the motto "Encounter of Cultures at St. Luke's Church." The work of the Berlin City Mission is supported by attending the events. The multicultural aspect of the events should contribute to the fact that peace, charity and tolerance are possible when an exchange between musicians and composers from all over the world succeeds with respect.

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