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Hardly any other topic leads to such fierce controversies and ambivalent emotions as the business of sex work. Although sex work is legal in Germany, many sex workers still live in precarious circumstances. As a vulnerable and at the same time virtually invisible group of society, the double standards prevalent in the society frequently force them to lead a discriminating double life.

In a co-operation project of sex workers from Berlin and members of Berliner Ensemble’s acting company, Lies Pauwels takes the body as her point of departure for a playful look behind our social facades:

What and who is allowed to be seen? Whom and what do we condemn to invisibility? How openly or covertly do we deal with loneliness, desire, and fantasies of power and helplessness? And what do our physical yearnings say about us?

  • Language: German

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Participating artists
Eine Stückentwicklung von Lies Pauwels (Autor/in)
Kathleen Morgeneyer
Josefin Platt
Philine Schmölzer
Mare D'Angosto Mare D'Angosto
Golden Gai
Ivy Grey Ivy Grey
Violet Black Violet Black
Lies Pauwels
Johanna Trudzinski
Dag Taeldeman
Lisi Estaras
Sebastian Scheinig
Amely Joana Haag