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They were highly talented, innovative, eager to experiment, and possessed the best prerequisites for a career as composers. But because of their Jewish origins, they were denigrated by the National Socialists as "degenerate" artists. Performance and professional bans, exile or, even worse, death in concentration camps followed.

Hande Küden
Hande Küden © privat

As part of the season's focus on the Lost Generation, the Philharmonic Chamber Music series is dedicated to these musicians, with ensembles and members of the Berliner Philharmoniker also moderating the program. The compositions of the "lost generation" are combined with works from the core repertoire of chamber music.

Concert with Hande Küden, Allan Nilles, Knut Weber, Gunars Upatnieks, Mor Biron, Jelka Weber, Wenzel Fuchs, Jan Schlichte.

  • Hande Küde, violin
  • Allan Nilles, viola
  • Knut Weber, violoncello
  • Gunars Upatnieks, double bass
  • Mor Biron, bassoon
  • Jelka Weber, flute
  • Wenzel Fuchs, clarinet
  • Jan Schlichte, percussion
  • Pavel Haas - String Quartet No. 2, op. 7 “From the Monkey Mountains” 
  • Ernst Toch - Dance Suite, op. 30 
  • Hanns Eisler-  Septet, op. 92a
Additional information
Participating artists
Hande Küden (Violine)
Kotowa Machida (Violine und Viola)
Allan Nilles (Viola)
Knut Weber (Violoncello)
Gunars Upatnieks (Kontrabass)
Mor Biron (Fagott)
Jelka Weber (Flöte)
Wenzel Fuchs (Klarinette)
Jan Schlichte (Schlagzeug)
Philharmonie Berlin – Kammermusiksaal