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80 artists transform a historic transformer station in Berlin into a 48h art festival from September 24-26. The festival enables an intensive art and music experience for 48 hours in an old industrial heritage site, the transformer station Reinickendorf, which is otherwise not accessible to the public. The exhibition is therefore something unique and also not repeatable.

Umspannwerk Reinickendorf, Luftaufnahme
Umspannwerk Reinickendorf, Luftaufnahme © redtower

Renowned artists such as Christopher Bauder or Norman Nodge develop space-consuming installations in interaction with the old industrial plant.

The visitors can independently discover the hidden places on the site.

The path through the substation is 1 km long. By darkening the premises, the visitor becomes an invisible observer.  Only the artworks are illuminated.The audience has the experience of losing themselves in the dark premises and slowing down the pace of perceiving art.The 100-year-old transformer station is a fascinating rough diamond of a kind that is becoming increasingly rare in Berlin. Catacomb basements, endless halls and hidden spaces - for 2 days all premises that were previously inaccessible will be opened.

Due to the current Corona situation and for the safety of the visitors inside, the number of tickets is severely limited - so it's worth booking one of the slots early.

LOST is a non-commercial festival and lives from the artists and musicians who passionately transform this old site for the visitors. They all work for an expense allowance to keep the ticket price as low as possible for the visitors.

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