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As part of EMOP Berlin - European Month of Photography, Galerie Springer Berlin presents the first solo exhibition of photographer Loredana Nemes, entitled "Trees, Seas, and the Bee's Knees".

The selection of works on display includes the current series of works "Greytree and Heavensea", created from 2019 to 2023, the series "Periwinkle" from 2020, the group of works "Blossom Time" from 2012 and the series "Greed", 2014-2017.

For the past two decades, artist Loredana Nemes has been mainly concerned with portraiture, which has been presented in numerous series and institutional exhibitions. Since 2019, Nemes has been increasingly approaching nature. On the island of Rügen, she creates the cycle "Greytree and Heavensea", in which she complements photographs of the beech forest in Jasmund National Park with views of the immensity of the sea. 14 visits in all seasons allow her to penetrate deeply into this unique natural space and tell of the constant change inherent in all life.

What unites all the series is their inherent stillness, Nemes' empathetic gaze, and their unprejudiced portrayal - whether she is showing us portraits of people or of trees. There is a touch in everything: that of the trees standing together like families on a stage, that of the old couples merging into one another, or that of the young people pausing mysteriously before the photographer, expressing the friendship and tenderness that unites them.
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