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Concert . express tours . Selfie competition

It's that time again, C/O Berlin will open its doors to all night owls as part of the Long Night of Museums 2023. Look forward to 20-minute express tours of the current exhibitions as well as a selfie competition in Moriyama's "Are, Bure, Boke" (grainy, blurred, out of focus) style, where you can win two free tickets to C/O Berlin !

As a special program highlight there is music by the exceptional British talent Aka Kelzz.

The café offers cool drinks until late at night!


Join us! Take your own "Are, Bure, Boke" selfie!

18:00 - 02:00

Take a fancy selfie with the C/O Berlin Instagram filter in Daido Moriyama's "Are, Bure, Boke" style (grainy, shaky, out of focus) and win two free tickets to C/O Berlin! Use the hashtag #coberlinlndm2023 on Instagram. You will get the photo printed out as a reminder.

express tour

18:30 - 23:00

Get exciting insights and background information on the current exhibitions by Daido Moriyama, Jochen Lempert and Farah Al Qasimi from our experienced guides in 20-minute express tours (also in English on request).

Music by Aka Kellz


Enjoy the warm summer night on the terrace in front of the Amerika Haus with the soulful sound of the exceptional British talent Aka Kelzz. A flattering vibe that is gentle and confronting - and invites the listener into Kelzz's emotional world.

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Price info: Ticktes are available on the website of the Long Night of Museums