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Open House and DJ set: The Humboldt Forum invites you to an individual journey through space and time, accompanied by the sound of DJ Jeff.

"Durchlüften - Open Air im Schlüterhof" 2021
"Durchlüften - Open Air im Schlüterhof" 2021 © Stiftung Humboldt Forum im Berliner Schloss, Foto: Frank Sperling

Connect with the model of the globe on an interactive tour in BERLIN GLOBAL and experience how the city and its people are connected to the world - then and now. Or find out about the interdependancy of climate change, the loss of biodiversity and worldwide challenges to democratic principles in the exhibition AFTER NATURE in the Humboldt Lab.  (The exhibition puts together in the form of a modern chamber of curiosities an entire range of research approaches to these and other current issues and relates them to positions from the history of science).

The exhibitions from the Ethnologisches Museum and the Museum für Asiatische Kunst of the Staatliche Museen zu Berlin in the Humboldt Forum offer an eclectic view into the past and present cultures of Africa, America, Asia and Oceania.. (Around 20,000 archaeological, ethnological and art-historical exhibits offer multiple perspectives on universal themes of humanity).

The exhibition Songlines: Tracking the Seven Sisters tells one of the central creation stories (Songlines) of the Australian continent. Songlines are cultural routes that traverse all of Australia. The Seven Sisters songlines tell the saga of seven women who cleverly and cunningly elude a male pursuer with magical powers as they flee across.

Or descend to the historic wall remains of the Berlin Palace, where the first traces of the site's history can be found. The exhibition offers a tour from the Middle Ages to the present day and takes you into the history of the place!

DJ Jeff is an accomplished and dynamic disc jockey who, like a magician with a magic wand, makes the world dance. With a playing style that covers all genres of music, he has built an impressive personal brand. Afrobeat, Amapiano, HipHop, RnB and Dancehall are his preferred genres. For more than five years he has been playing all over Europe and Africa, where he had his first professional gigs. Especially in Nigeria and Ukraine, he has made a name for himself as a DJ. He has already been present on the most diverse platforms: in renowned clubs, at mega concert events and for radio stations. Before coming to Berlin, he studied computer technology in Ukraine at the Polytechnic Institute Igor Sikorsky Kyiv, the national technical university. He loves to travel and try out new skills on his turntables.

- from the age of 11
- for families

From 1 to 14 August, the Sparticket will be available for 12 euros/reduced rate 10 euros; from 15 August, the ticket will then cost 18 euros/reduced rate 12 euros (children up to 12 years of age do not need a ticket).The ticket entitles the holder to visit all participating museums from 6 p.m. to 2 a.m. and to use the two bus shuttles. It also allows you to take advantage of a 10-euro credit for the mobility partner offer, which includes different vehicles such as e-scooters or bicycles. This year, the ticket does not include the use of public transport.

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