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The electronic and digital musician Lolina (also known as Inga Copeland) and KISLING will be performing.

Lolina is an electronic and digital musician, also known as Inga Copeland for her previous projects. Between 2009 and 2013 she was a member of the band Hype Williams and collaborated with Dean Blunt on albums, EPs, CD-Rs, videos and performances. During this time she also recorded several solo EPs, with her last album under the alias Inga Copeland, Because Iʼm Worth It (2014) being self-released after the band disbanded.

Her first album as Lolina, Live in Paris, was released as a full-length video in 2016. It departed from traditional release formats and was sonically characterised by the switch to digital composition.
Lolina's second album, The Smoke (2018), consolidated the songwriting techniques and musical arrangements of her EPs RELAXIN with Lolina (2015) and Lolita EP (2017), including the use of presets, lo-fi drums and half-sung, half-spoken vocals.

Lolina's live performances evolved through experimentation with DJ equipment. Using CDJ players to loop, scratch and manipulate her existing recordings, she developed an improvised cut-up style that can be heard on her fourth album Live in Geneva (2019).

Further experiments with playback devices and software led to the release of Who is experimental music? (2019). Lolina's last album, Face The Music, was released in 2022 on her own label Relaxin Records.
In 2023, the label released Higher Powers, the first and last album by Inga Copeland (2013/2023).

KISLING's compositional method, heavily influenced by digital processing and intended for contemporary DJ equipment, subtracts and morphs live recorded flute samples by Ilya Gussarov into concrete snippets that suggest a "new real".

KISLING arranges and distorts her pieces on a Pioneer CDJ set, enriching this musical experience with the immediacy and spontaneity of mixing techniques. The result is imaginative material that questions the boundaries and promise of music.

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