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neighborhood walk

When the Berlin Wall was built in 1961, it cut through existing residential areas and separated neighborhoods along Bernauer Strasse. Housing and life on this side and on the other side of the wall developed very differently in the years that followed. The consequences of the division can still be felt today, with drastic effects on the development of the district both in the Brunnenviertel and in the Rosenthaler Vorstadt.

During a walk through the neighborhood in the extended memorial area with the surrounding streets and squares, a city planner who worked for a long time in the Berlin Senate administration explains what the construction and demolition of the Wall meant for neighborhood politics in Wedding, for living, working and relaxing in the neighborhoods . The neighborhood walk is aimed at those interested in the subject and anyone who would like to get to know their neighborhood better.
Additional information
Meeting point: Model of the Berlin Wall Memorial, Bernauer Strasse/corner of Brunnenstrasse, 13355 Berlin