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ATMASFERA, legendary Kirtan band from Ukraine

An inspiring evening with atmospheric live Kirtan meditation. Peaceful vibes and powerful chanting with the fascinating Ukrainian Kirtan band Atmasfera!

The Ukrainian Kirtan band Atmasfera is coming to Berlin again! Atmasfera is known for their inspiring Kirtan interpretation and a wonderful atmosphere. With their enchanting voices and the sounds of harp, Indian harmonium, drums, guitar and flute, the singers and musicians of Atmasfera go on a journey into a world of love and peace!

Kirtan - meditation with mantras accompanied by musical instruments - is a very lively and dynamic form of meditation, in which people sing together and sometimes dance exuberantly.Kirtan is easy and very soothing for the heart! The visitors bathe in the beautiful sounds of the mantras and can sing them together. The common Kirtan meditation has an incredibly powerful and positive effect.

No special knowledge or prerequisites are needed for Kirtan. Kirtan is independent of any particular faith or origin. It overcomes all boundaries that separate us. With Kirtan you can be yourself!


At the core of the band are the frontwomen and twin sisters Kalindi and Yamuna, who are supported by three top-class accompanying musicians. ATMASFERA presents a very personal and distinctive music. In addition to conventional instruments such as flute, keyboard, guitar and electric bass, other instruments from around the world are also used. In 2018 ATMASFERA was awarded "Enlightened Musician of the Year" at the prestigious American "RoundGlass Music Awards".


  • Yamuna – harmonium, flute, vocals
  • Kalindi – keyboard, harp, vocals
  • Sergij Svirskij – bass guitar
  • Denis Bilodid – acoustic guitar, dombra
  • Timur Gogitidze – drums, darabuka, percussion instruments
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