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Mallorcan craft beer meets Berlin street performances and international tattoo artists discuss their works in chic pop-up galleries to the sound of the hottest Spanish and German artists - spread across the entire INNSiDE Hotel in Berlin Mitte. With DJs, live music, readings, video and live performances, “Live For The Arts” is already an insider tip in the scene.

“Live For The Arts” Lineup:

  • Craft Beer & Art: ADALT Brewing: Palma-based craft brewery specializing in hoppy IPAs, rich dark ales, and classic brews like Pilsner
  • Tattoo & Art: The joint exhibition by tattoo artists Nil Marqués and Christian Eichenauer combines the art of tattooing and painting.
  • Performing Arts: In the performance “Overweight Baggage”, Úrsula Urgelés and Diego Ingold illuminate the concept of excess baggage in travel
  • DJ & Visual Arts: During their performance, Marlon Rudolph (DJ) and Marina Planas (VJ) use a retro projector and live visualizations of old Mallorca photos for a nostalgic, low-tech experience. The collective organization Casa Planas, has employed the largest photo archive in Europe since the dawn of mass tourism.
  • Illustrations: Illustrator Tonina Matamalas draws the chronicles of the day by hand for the event
  • Live Drawings: Anne Wenkel Live Music: Le Parody, Aina Zanoguera
  • Spain Cuisine: La Pajarita - Chef Pau Barceló brings the taste of Mallorca to Berlin, accompanied by stories from Pep Mulet, who runs the company in the sixth generation Local
  • Cuisine & Cocktails: Crafterie - hotel restaurant & bar make a bold statement on Berlin classics reinterpreted under the direction of Stephan Grau
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