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The lavender blossom is not only a special event in Provence, but is also celebrated at the Mattiesson Art Farm. On 6 August, the farm will show what can be created from lavender. Visitors are cordially invited to treat themselves to some time out at the first small lavender festival.

JayCOS and the artist Mattiesson will be showing a diverse selection of handmade beauties in Großziethen. Both women are bursting with creativity and draw on their imagination and dedication to create beautiful things by hand. Especially now, during the lavender blossom, it is a special experience.

This is what you can discover here:

  • original landscape paintings
  • fragrant flower arrangements
  • Homemade lemonade
  • Lavender muffin
  • Handmade soaps and scented sachets
  • JayCOS shows how to distil lavender (12 noon and at 2 pm)