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Author talk in English with poetic lecture and concert

Increased migration processes, whether voluntary or forced, have produced new diasporic forms of literature and religion in recent years.

In the increasingly diverse metropolis of today's Berlin, authors from all parts of the world write in languages from "Elsewhere". You live in the German capital, but your words are connected to other places - to other reader communities, other landscapes, institutions, publishers, literary magazines, to other conversations, to "elsewhere". Your words are, so to speak, “out of place”. Or better: The “Place of Literature” is a question for them.

This public discussion brings together four Berlin authors from the diaspora to talk about their experiences of locating and dislocating literature, also in the context of religion.

How do you experience the distance to your readers? What does dislocation mean for your writing? How does the diaspora or sometimes the exile manifest itself for the author in the language, in the text? Does the diasporic situation require or open up the development of diasporic literature, of exile forms of language, of new writing communities? What role do religion or religious affiliation, tradition and inspiration play in this?

The literary discussion will be followed by a concert by the Berlin-based singers Eva Glasmacher and Deniza Popova, with a poetic lecture by Dory Manor.

Participation is free of charge and also possible via live stream.

(In English)
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