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On the day before Eternal Sunday, the Jesus Christ Church Konradshöhe invites you to the second musical reading this year. For many decades, at the end of the church year, the state commemorated the war dead and fallen soldiers, but in recent years the victims of National Socialism have increasingly become the focus of remembrance.

This time a contribution will be made to this “Day of Remembrance and Mourning” with excerpts from Michael Degen’s book “Not everyone was a murderer. A Childhood in Berlin” from 1999.

Elisabeth Haberland will again provide the musical contributions, this time supported by her sister Eva Maria Schäfer, violinist in the Stuttgart Opera State Orchestra. The lecture will include works by Joseph Rheinberger, Franz Schubert and Johann Sebastian Bach.

Michael Degen died last year; he was a highly recognized actor on the theater and in front of the camera. He may have become known to a large audience as Vice-Questore Patta alongside Joachim Król and Uwe Kockisch in the famous film adaptations of Donna Leon's crime novels. What many people don't know, however, is that Michael Degen was Jewish and only survived the war and persecution by the Gestapo with his mother because, after the Jewish school was closed in 1942, there were always good people in Berlin who hid him and his mother and have taken care of. This willingness to help and great luck ensured that both survived. Michael Degen tells about this in his exciting book.

Admission is free, donations are welcome.

Excerpts from the book “Not everyone was a murderer. A Childhood in Berlin" by Michael Degen and chamber music by Joseph Rheinberger, Franz Schubert and Johann Sebastian Bach

Alfred Cybulska (reading), Elisabeth Haberland (piano), Eva Maria Schäfer (violin)

(Program in German)
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