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Carolin Emcke and Anke Engelke on stubborn women

From an early age, girls are taught to conform, to fit in, not to be too uncomfortable, too demanding, too headstrong. It is in fairy tales and songs, poems and novels, that this social expectation is reflected and conveyed. But literature also tells us about those female characters who step out of character through cleverness or independence, who are unruly, maladjusted, and resist taboos and conventions.

Anke Engelke
Anke Engelke © Jeanne Degraa

Carolin Emcke and Anke Engelke read angry, funny, shattering and encouraging texts by self-minded, un-fitting women in literature.
With the Grimm brothers, Simone de Beauvoir, Mely Kiyak, Jeanette Winterson and many others.

(Program in German)

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