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Literary discussion group

With the recommendation to a friend "Read to live!" Gustav Flaubert wanted to make her understand that books can be an elixir of life.

GRAFIK BÜCHER LESUNG LITERATUR © visitBerlin, Illustration Klio Karadim

Danniel Pennac read about his experiences with books:

" You can devour books. A thick book is a lump. And yet you always get more hungry."

Books are part of her life. This is not only known to her family and close friends, but it is also clear to everyone who has ever attended one of the interesting and entertaining Friday evenings on which Anja Hitzer has presented one piece of literature or another to her numerous audience in the HÖR hall.

At the request of many, not least from the parish church council, she is now launching an additional new project and inviting people to a literature circle. There, they discuss together how to "enjoy" the books, whether, for example, as a theme (seasons.... )| philosophy to reflect on | literary history...| free - without a reading structure.

All this can be discussed and agreed upon in the group. At regular or arranged meetings, participants present book texts and engage in conversation about them.

A literary discussion group where interested people come together.

(Program in German)
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