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Literatur LIVE

I see something you don't see and that's a vulva: 80 photos to discover, marvel at and laugh at. Short and sweet: Including the most important facts about vulvas and female pleasure. After this book you will see the world with different eyes.

Banana, cactus, Norman Foster's Erotic Gherkin in London - everywhere we see phallic objects and recognize them as such. The shape is simple and familiar to us since childhood thanks to doodles on school desks, elevator doors and public toilets. With vulvas, on the other hand, you could almost believe they were invented only recently - just like female pleasure. Even vulva owners are often still unfamiliar with their shape and correct designation.

To change that, there is now a collection of painted vulva portraits on social media (The Vulva Gallery), workshops are offered where a plaster cast of one's own vulva is created, and on etsy you can find not only candles and soaps, but even salt tax in the shape of female genitals.

What comes next? The normalization?

If you walk through the world with a trained and curious eye, you see vulvas everywhere. Along the way, we suddenly perceive organically shaped knotholes and crumbled plaster on house walls differently; we encounter bags, flowers and Madonna statues (yes, really!) in vulva form. Why is that? Because we are always on the lookout for what we know and want to see. And this collection is just the beginning.

An event by Literatur LIVE in cooperation with DuMont Buchverlag and Thalia bookstore.

(Program in German)

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