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The first full-length solo program by the Berlin pantomime is based on fragmentary stories that reflect life in all its facets - longings, hopes, fears and moments of happiness. The stories are linked by a sharpened view of the paradoxes in human life situations.

"Lines of Life" lets people look into the mirror of their own lives from a safe distance with humor and a wink.

Katja Grahl completed her mime and pantomime training at the training center for mime and pantomime under the direction of Jörg Brennecke. Her trademark is the combination of vaudeville-influenced design with Decroux's physical precision. Her work is characterized by a special liveliness and colourfulness.

She worked in cooperation with the German Symphony Orchestra Berlin and the RBB Children's Concert, with the WDR Orchestra for the podcast series "Kurz und Klassik" and played at national and international festivals such as Mime Berlin, Pantomimefestival Dresden, Yozer Dofen - Israel.
Participating artists
Katja Grahl