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The Perry-Rhodan-Exibition

Come with us to 1961 and take a flight to the moon! Perry Rhodan's science fiction adventures have delighted and fascinated generations of readers for over six decades. The sophisticated plan drawings, which depict spaceships and other technical innovations in great detail, also became legendary. The plan drawings are based on contemporary technical drawings without having to take physical, scientific knowledge into account.

In its permanent exhibition, the industrial salon shows the technology of a still tangible past. Tube technology has been replaced by microchips. In contrast to the sketch drawings, to the technology of a distant future, a field of tension arises that raises question about the possibilities and dangers of technical development.

IN LINEARTRÄUMEN brings together over thirty never-before-exhibited original works, signed vintage collector's prints and exclusive prints of digital works from six decades.
Additional information
The exhibition can be seen until November 29th with free admission.
Participating artists
Gregor Sedlag
Albert Markert