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Sex is still her hobby

For more than ten years, Lilo Wanders hosted the show "Wa(h)re Liebe" on the TV station Vox - and that left its mark! The profession and the occupation with love, sex and eroticism became a hobbyhorse, which Lilo Wanders gives the spurs in her cabaret stage program "Sex ist ihr Hobby" passionately and with humor.

Cheeky and frivolous without offending, Lilo Wanders talks about her favorite topic, sex - and then there is no room for political correctness and certainly not for prudery.

Directly and charmingly she bombards her audience with countless facts and findings in the swingers club and with sex toys, and explains why men and women have such a hard time with each other...

Lilo Wanders faces the pressing questions on the No. 1 topic and always keeps love in mind!

The show captivates and entertains. She skillfully changes moods and faces, from the motherly (s)expert to the perfectly caricatured, aged femme fatale. (Sunday Journal)

  • Language: German

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