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Castle tour and chamber music concert with works by and about Anna Amalie of Prussia

Princess Anna Amalie of Prussia (1723-1787) was a passionate musician and music collector. The youngest daughter of Frederick William I received music lessons together with her sister Luise Ulrike from the court organist Gottlieb Hayne.

She was later encouraged above all by her brother Frederick II. Amalie played the flute, harpsichord, piano and organ. As the only daughter of the king, she remained unmarried. In order to provide for her, she became abbess of the secular monastery of Quedlinburg. Amalie appreciated the music of Johann Sebastian Bach, which was already considered outdated by the middle of the 18th century.

Devoted to music throughout her life, Amalie elaborated compositional theories, wrote cantatas, chorales and marches. She left behind a collection of music that is still preserved in large parts.

After a guided tour with castle employee Kati Kausmann, sparkling wine and savory pastries will be offered in the foyer of the castle.

The concert will take place afterwards in the Ev. Kreuzkirche Königs Wusterhausen:

Concert on organ and harpsichord. Toccatas, fugues recercare, capriccios and dances by Georg Friedrich Händel, Johann Sebastian Bach, Georg Böhm and Luigi Boccherini will be played. Prof. Dr. Andreas Marti (Bern) will play.
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Price: €25.00

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