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by Glossy Pain

The concert performance searches for new ways of understanding and is an invitation to get into bed with each other, to be vulnerable and to explore the common senses that determine our desire. Glossy Pain draws attention to the lies, legends and narratives that shape our sex lives.

Inspired by critical thinkers like Katherine Angel and Emilia Roig, Glossy Pain asks: How can people be soft and tender with one another when the world around them constantly demands harshness? They seek intimacy, get naked, strive for common ground. They often fail because of this. Also because contradictions creep into their honesty with one another.

The solo questions how much of the shared experience is based on “necessary lies.” How can people expect others to be honest when they aren't even honest with themselves? In the search for understanding and connection, it is important to re-explore languages of love that do not dictate who they have to be, but who they can still become.

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