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Daniel Kehlmann

One of the greatest in cinema, perhaps the greatest director of his era: G. W. Pabst shoots in France for the seizure of power; he flees to Hollywood from the horrors of the new Germany. But under the blinding California sun, the world-famous director suddenly looks like a runt. Not even Greta Garbo, whom he has immortalized, can help him.

And so, almost without doing anything of his own, Pabst finds himself back in his homeland of Austria, which is now called Ostmark. The family who returned felt the barbaric nature of the regime very clearly. But the propaganda minister in Berlin wants the film genius, he knows no contradiction, and he promises a lot. While Pabst still believes that he will resist courtship, that he will not submit to any dictatorship other than that of art, he has already taken the first step towards hopeless entanglement.

Daniel Kehlmann's novel "Lichtspiel" about art and power, beauty and barbarism shows what literature is capable of: revealing the truth through invention.

Daniel Kehlmann, born in Munich in 1975, has been awarded the Candide Prize, the WELT Literature Prize, the Per Olov Enquist Prize, the Kleist Prize, the Thomas Mann Prize and the Friedrich Hölderlin Prize for his work -Prize, most recently the Frank Schirrmacher Prize, the Schubart Literature Prize and the Anton Wildgans Prize. His novel "Die Vermessung der Welt" has become one of the most successful German novels of the post-war period, and his novel "Tyll" was also on the bestseller list for months and made it onto the shortlist for the International Booker Prize 2020.

  • WITH Daniel Kehlmann
  • MODERATION Katharina Teutsch

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