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Houseclub präsentiert: Kadir “Amigo“ Memiş & Nikolai Petersen

Based on “Pauken”, which premiered at HAU in November 2023 and in which director Adrian Figueroa and choreographer Kadir “Amigo” Memiş worked with young people, the next Houseclub will take place.

Pupils from the Hector Peterson School, who took part and helped shape the project, will explore the empty space, using it as a resonating body, a source of inspiration and a field of association. It becomes a canvas, a movement laboratory, serves as a projection surface and itself becomes a body of sound. Spaces can be open, inviting, protect us. But spaces can also enclose people, rob them of light or suffocate them.
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Funded by the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and the Media in the framework of the Alliance of International Production Houses.