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The best time for love is now. When, if not now, in these times of trials and tribulations? With his first volume of poems, "Loveletters - wanton love pours" (2022), Jürgens shows himself to be a hopeful romantic who uninhibitedly confronts the struggles of our time with the miracle of love.

Renaissance-Theater Berlin
Renaissance-Theater Berlin © Renaissance-Theater, Foto Florian Profitlich

Profound and tender, he lets the two people in this "love in poems" find their own heaven on earth, not stopping short of grand images and metaphors. Here love is celebrated and elevated to the supreme formula of happiness. A sigh of relief in dark times and a nightlight to confidence.

In his reading performance LETTERS OF LOVE - MUTWILLIGE LIEBESERGÜSSE Jürgens lets all manifestations of love pass us by.

We feel its healing power as well as its destructiveness. We revel in its uninhibitedness and witness its willingness to sacrifice. Great names of world literature show us the many faces of love, as they could not be more different. And yet they all show one thing in common: love is not negotiable. And it cannot be locked up in rules. It survives under the most meager conditions and cannot be subjected to any constraints. It is what makes us. It is all that counts.

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Stefan Jürgens
Renaissance-Theater Berlin / Bruckner-Foyer