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Lieder vom Schwarzmalen & Schönfärben

With the band Tonträger he rocked the Spiegelzelt many times - now Lennart Schilgen presents his new solo program, because he sees a need for clarification. The songwriter and music cabaret artist from Berlin writes and sings against an inadequate reality.

Lennart Schilgen
Lennart Schilgen © Jost Schilgen

He not only manages to hide problems, he also helps others to lie in difficult situations in the bag: There are party songs for people who do not like going to parties. Separation songs for people who do not like separating. And public participation for people who do not like to participate in things.

With "Sparking Speech Art" (AZ) and subtle, light-footed comedy, he tells tales of antiheroes who are so close to life that one likes to believe every word - sometimes hoping that not everything really happened.

In the meantime, this has already earned him quite a few cabaret awards, most recently the Stuttgarter Besen 2018 in GOLD and the Prix Pantheon Jury Prize 2019.

(Program in German)
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