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The two musicians Viktoria Leléka (vocals) and Thomas Kolarczyk (double bass) have a long musical friendship.

With the internationally acclaimed ethno-jazz band Leléka (, they have played numerous concerts throughout Europe with their own modern versions of Ukrainian folk songs and have also toured Ukraine several times. In the meantime, Viktoria & her band have become one of the most important ambassadors of Ukrainian music culture in Germany.

Today's concert program is a tribute to the incredibly rich tradition of Ukrainian folk music, which is breathed new life into with contemporary arrangements, interpretations and improvisations. The intimate duo line-up offers plenty of space for minimalist sound and interaction.

"A voice with aura and a bright, soft sound full of captivating natural power."
BR Klassik

"Music that touches and gets under your skin; music that runs the entire gamut, from relaxed joy to devout silence and contemplation; music that brings together tradition and modernity."
Oberbayerisches Volksblatt

19:30: Ceremony under the blossoming cherry tree
20:30: Concert in Sepp Maier's 2raumwohnung