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300 years Thomaskantorat Johann Sebastian Bach

This year's Lehnin Summer Music is all about Johann Sebastian Bach.

Lehniner Sommermusiken

This year, from June 15 to September 9, 2023, the Lehnin Summer Music is dedicated to the great baroque composer Johann Sebastian Bach. They present a variety of concerts in the picturesque ambience of the Lehnin monastery church, including the coffee cantata, organ matinees and night concerts.

The series of events will open on June 15 with the award-winning "Johannespassion à trois" with Elina Albach, Philipp Lamprecht and the tenor Benedikt Kristjánsson, which has been performed worldwide.

In 1723 J. S. Bach took up his new position as cantor at the Thomaskirche in Leipzig. To this day, this church is synonymous with the music of this musical genius. Bach left numerous church cantatas and concert works. In addition, there are many organ works and concert music from the time before he took up his post in Leipzig.

The Lehnin Summer Music 2023 goes in all directions: original works by J. S. Bach, arrangements and new compositions inspired by him will be experienced, but also the attitude to life from Bach's environment with family and friends will be celebrated.

Bach made music for years in the Zimmermannisches Café-Haus in Leipzig, probably smoking a pipe and drinking red wine. The guests ate cake and drank the new beverage, coffee. Reason for the Sommermusic to perform the "Coffee Cantata" while drinking coffee in the idyllic cloister, presented by talented young musicians. But the family celebrations of the huge Bach family were not without. Some of the sometimes hearty songs that were sung on these occasions by the musical branches of the family can be heard over wine, beer and bread in the cloister. In night concerts you can indulge in the special atmosphere of the illuminated monastery church.


  • 06 AUGUST, 12:00 p.m., organ matinee
  • 12 AUGUST, 21:00, night concert II
  • 20 AUGUST, 4 p.m., viola da gamba and harpsichord
  • 27 AUGUST, 4 p.m., Passions
  • SEPTEMBER 2023, 02 SEPTEMBER, 21:00
  • Night Concert III
  • 09 SEPTEMBER, 6:30 p.m., Rock im Kloster
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