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_space: have time. counting time fill time

_space is intended to challenge the notion that only productivity and activity are valuable, instead exploring the potential of doing nothing and contemplation. She insists on an aesthetic and politics of recreation, even as she questions who actually has time to sleep and relax these days.

This _space is an interruption: an opportunity to downshift, for self-awareness and to confront doing nothing as a space of possibility.

_Space fills a gap in the program. She creates a space of absence, grants the visitor a break, lets them experience the fun, the agony and the politics of having time

The exhibition has been developed in friendship, at a calm, restful pace, to explore the misty shapes and restless twilight of shared dreamscapes. She invites you into a temporary viewing space where maximum comfort and relaxation prevail. A selection of films and radio plays that get lost in dreams and nightmares, moving between calm and restlessness, runs in a continuous loop during the museum's opening hours. Relax, sleep, daydream, perceive yourself. Time fills itself up.

The exhibition is curated by Utopia/Dystopia (Todd & Zoy