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A physical and sonic journey between worlds

"The Law of Harmony" is a project that emerged from the questioning and researching work of the theater and therapy workshop. The main idea of the workshop was to create a safe space in which all participants can relax with the help of sounds, by getting to know overtone instruments and by mindfully working with their own body and the respective. with their partner: they were able to explore and manifest their inner strengths and the mindfulness for them. Based on this research, they will create pieces to present in the show.

Is there harmony in destruction? And is destruction an integral part of the harmony of all living things? The question of the integrity of all living things on planet Earth, especially in humanity's darkest times, is important to the study of the integrity of every living soul in the larger picture of the universe.

The team invites you to become part of this performance in which, through the search for harmony between musical instruments and voice, through the exploration of the elements and body movements, they want to create a musical and plastic performance that aims to make each participant discover their own harmony find.

Whether you call it performative sound healing with visual elements or just performance is irrelevant. Importantly, this event will attempt to bring you closer to relaxation and finding your own inner balance - in the hope that more light and peace will be activated around you.

The event will take place on February 23rd and 24th. All Ukrainians and friends from other countries are particularly invited.
Additional information
Anna Motyka is theater director from Kyiv, graduated from the Karpenko-Kary Kyiv National University of Theater, Cinema and Television with a degree in drama theater directing. She is a teacher and a certified trauma therapist working with children.

Participant of international laboratories and festivals. Initiator of dance therapy and post-traumatic theater.
Participating artists
Anna Motyka
Anastasia Riabokon
Nataliia Neshva
Anton Dorokh
Samira Steinmayer
Regina Berezhna
Olga Nesterenko
Marina Holovatiuk
Daria Shakh