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To mark the 5th and 10th Lagen-Cup anniversary, the Berlin wine sommelier Serhat Aktas is organizing a special event in the Michelin-starred restaurant Golvet. The top 10 of the Lagen-Cup Weiß 2023 come to Berlin especially for this and each have the excellent wine with them. The exciting thing about this evening is that none of the 10 winemakers know who took first place. The awards ceremony will take place this evening.

The Lagen-Cup is an independent wine competition that was launched by Serhat Aktas in 2018. As the name suggests, the competition is about German single-vineyard wines. Divided into white and red, the medley cup is organized twice a year. A 10-member jury tastes the wines blindly and evaluates them according to the internationally common 100-point scheme.

The following wineries are in the top 10 and will be there this evening:

VDP. Bassermann-Jordan Pfalz winery, Bernhard Koch Pfalz winery, VDP. Winery Winery F.B. Schönleber Rheingau, VDP. Heitlinger Baden winery, VDP. Horst Sauer Franken Winery, VDP. Karthäuserhof Mosel winery, Korrell Nahe winery, VDP. Weingut Künstler Rheingau, VDP. Weingut Reichsrat von Buhl Pfalz, Weingut Steitz Rheinhessen

Star chef Jonas Zörner and his team serve a 5-course menu.

What guests can look forward to:
10 winemakers | 10 wines | Finger food & champagne reception | 5 course menu

Berlin is often spoken of as the wine capital of Germany. No other city or region in Germany can offer as many gourmet restaurants and wine bars as Berlin. Here, top chefs and sommeliers make their wine dreams come true with their own ideas. One of them is Serhat Aktas, who does not successfully run the bistro including wine bar, the wine lobbyist in Schöneberg, but rather launched his own Lagen-Cup wine competition in 2018 and has organized it twice a year since then.