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The chanson is one of the most important genres when it comes to city-related music and Edith Piaf is probably one of the outstanding representatives of the classic chanson era. Hardly anyone else can interpret and embody the star as convincingly as the singer and actress Vasiliki Roussi.

“Little Roussi doesn't play little Piaf, she becomes it in gestures, facial expressions and voice. It shows that timbre that Piaf seems to still have in your head.”

"She has the big voice with the color and the tremolo of the Piaf and its radiance of self-consuming - infinitely touching because it exudes feelings that reach all generations. Roussi's presence is so great that she can face the evening alone."

The program is a scenic, musical journey through the life of the exceptional artist born in 1915, whose life was more dramatic than anything she could have sung.

An artist who made the incredible journey out of the gutter and into the Olympus of legends, but was never able to shake off the shadow of misery. Vasiliki Roussi leads through this life, interpreting both the great chansons and lesser-known numbers.

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