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From April to December 2018, the new KUNSTinitiative Marzahn-Hellersdorf, which is developing into a diverse and committed group, will perform in the "Project Space Galerie M" at the Marzahner Promenade 46 with an art project in the form of a living studio, exhibition and work space.

Berliner Plattenbau mit Galerie
Berliner Plattenbau mit Galerie © Jan Frontzek

Free space for the artists in the region

This creates a free space for artists living and/or working in the district. The Project Space will be an open place of work, giving Berliners in particular the opportunity to meet their regional artists, to look over their shoulders as they work and to acquire their works of art.

An innovative joint exhibition format is being planned. Particularly noteworthy is the initiative's integrative approach: the joint work at eye level unites the full-time and part-time artists. The artist initiative works across genres and will also invite to the Salon. Musicians and writers from the district are also curious as to which formats they can help develop at the location at Promenade 46 in Marzahn.
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