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Hildegard Wittur and Beate Gorges do a guided tour.

They show important works of art in the Berlinische Galerie.
They talk to you about the artworks.
During the guided tour you can also do something yourself,
for example drawing.

Hildegard Wittur is an art mediator.
An art mediator helps people
so that they can better understand art.
Hildegard Wittur is an artist herself.
She makes pictures in the Kreuzberg art workshop.
The Kunst-Werkstatt Kreuzberg is from Lebenshilfe Berlin.

Beate Gorges is also an art mediator.
She is the director of Atelier Bunter Jakob.

In this tour we work together with
the association Jugend im Museum
and the Kunst-Werkstatt Kreuzberg of the Lebenshilfe Berlin.

The tour costs nothing.

Telephone: 030 50 59 07 71

Do you need support?
Please let us know when you register.

Do you also like sports?
Then you can go to the Special Olympics World Games 2023.
These are the World Games for people with intellectual disabilities.
And for people with multiple disabilities.
The Special Olympics are in Berlin from June 17th to June 25th.

(Guided tour in easy German)
Additional information
Booking: The tour costs nothing.

Phone: 030 50 59 07 71