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Bruno Lee is a typical weirdo: a slightly autistic loner from Barnim who lives in a shed and is looked after by a friendly older woman named Miss Susanna, who is his adoptive mother. Snoop, Miss Susanna's nephew, comes to visit and is told to stay away from Bruno.

He begins volunteering at a local church, where he meets an equally troubled teenage girl named Daniela, who falls in love with him, and the two begin a tentative romance. For the first time in his life, Bruno believes he has a purpose and is happy, but this is short-lived.

After years of torment and torture at the hands of his estranged mother, three neighborhood punks, rejection and attempted expulsion from the shed by Miss Susanna, and insults from the neighborhood priest Reverend Malini and his wife, young Bruno freaks out and lets out his frustration society in particularly violent ways.

This unfilmed script by Hong Kong superstar Bruce Lee will be presented in an action reading in the dojo on Rosa Luxemburg-Platz and the karate band Goshawk will play their greatest hits. No kicks below the belt are to be expected. Entry with black belt subject to reservation. Let the kung fusion in the video store begin!

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