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In this interactive format, designed by and for people from different cultures, we will discuss together how refugees can feel at home in a new place. People of all origins and cultural backgrounds are invited to contribute their thoughts and experiences, reflect together on the topic of home and explore this concept from different perspectives.

In a world that is now more than ever characterized by prejudices, stereotypes and mistrust, as well as current challenges in the areas of migration and integration, bringing people together is of the utmost importance. Events like these promote mutual understanding, build respect for the lives and experiences of others, and help strengthen communities by embracing diversity as a source of enrichment and learning.

  • When: November 27th, 2023 from 5:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m
  • Where: Ingeborg Drewitz Library, Grunewaldstraße 3, 12163 Berlin
The KulturTür Salon is a place of cultural and social exchange that brings people together and is intended to enable exchange and mutual understanding between cultures. This event focuses on the profound topic of "What is home?" and offers a varied program that illuminates the diversity of this term in all its facets.

The program includes:

Contributions from the KulturTür team: The dedicated team members will share personal stories and perspectives on home. This allows visitors to experience the various aspects of the concept of home first hand.

Discussion rounds: In interactive discussion rounds, participants can share their own experiences and views on the topic of home and discuss them with others. These conversations provide a rich opportunity to learn from participants’ diverse backgrounds and experiences.

Music: There are talented musicians in the team who will present the diversity of cultural expressions with their music.

Video presentations: Inspiring video clips from DRK kulturTür, which will take viewers into a world of diversity and creativity.

Anyone interested is cordially invited to take part in this enriching and free event and explore the meaning of home together.

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