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1 Summer. 100 Events. Free and outdoors.

Everyone is invited to join us in celebrating the 2nd CULTURAL SUMMER FESTIVAL BERLIN from 24 June to 3 September 2023. The Kultursommerfestival Berlin invites you to embark on a summertime journey of cultural discovery at unique and unusual locations throughout the city. The programme of events offers something for everyone, including concerts, performances, film screenings, readings and much more.

The festival is an initiative of Berlin’s cultural administration and will last throughout the summer. It seeks to give all Berliners and guests the opportunity to experience culture together and generate memorable shared moments.

With the help of multiple partners, the festival is set to include a total of 100 oneof-a-kind events, each reflecting Berlin’s wide range of cultural offerings. With everything from large-scale celebrations to relaxed holiday moments, the festival will provide unique Berlin cultural experiences for everyone, free and outdoors, all summer long.

The Kultursommerfestival is conceived and implemented by Kulturprojekte Berlin and forms part of the DRAUSSENSTADT initiative

Admission to all events of the Cultural Summer Festival is free of charge.

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