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Doris Rauschert tells fairy tales of longing

Doris Rauschert from the Round Table of Brandenburg Storytellers tells fairy tales in the gardens of the Belvedere. Everyone knows them: The longing for a new, better life. A longing for friendship, love and security, but also a longing for wanderlust, homesickness or an urge for something new. Fairy tales can be an impulse to dare something: to satisfy the insatiable desire - the longing - after all.

Belvedere Pfingstberg im Sommer
Belvedere Pfingstberg im Sommer © KatjaHube_SPSG, Foto: Förderverein Pfingstberg

And so in the end it can perhaps be said: Everything is new, the old has passed away. The series of events "Culture in Nature" on Potsdam's Pfingstberg has a long tradition: For more than 20 years, visitors have been able to experience a variety of events in the gardens of the Pfingstberg on weekends and holidays between May and September.

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