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with Dr. Gertraud Schrage

In Tegel-Süd, on the site Billerbecker Weg 123 A, there was a Nazi forced labor camp from 1942 to 1945. It was operated by a subsidiary of the Borsig company and, with a capacity of 1,500 inmates, was one of the largest camps in Berlin.

Buildings from the camp period are still preserved today as stone witnesses to Nazi forced labor. In spring 2010, a district memorial was inaugurated here. The guided tour explains the history of the site as a forced labor camp as well as its later use as a gardening school.

The memorial room displays artifacts related to the everyday life of the forced laborers. A cooperation event of the Museum Reinickendorf with the VHS Reinickendorf.Translated with DeepL
Additional information
Meeting point: Entrance Billerbecker Weg 123 A, 13507 Berlin

Booking: Registration through the Museum Reinickendorf at or 030902 94 64 60.