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Workshop for adults

This format would like to invite you to discuss and reflect on the works of Carol Rhodes in the style of a salon and to work together artistically. The artist Berenice Güttler will accompany the workshop and discover the exhibition and tour the garden together with the participants.

Berenice Güttler, unlike Carol Rhodes, does not work with oil paints, but with watercolors and textile materials. However, both artists explore surfaces, architecture, work with empty space and light. Both artists use drawing as a starting point and reference point. They take Rhode's preoccupation with landscapes from a bird's eye view as an opportunity to look together at the plans for the former English landscape garden of the Haus am Waldsee and the Bruno Taut settlement.

Guided by Berenice Güttler, this card material is used to explore the magic of light and color in joint artistic exercises. The participants discuss the horror vacui as well as the creative power inherent in the respective artistic techniques and learn to capture surface and space using watercolors.

Implementation: Berenice Güttler, artist

4-6 p.m

20 / 15 euros

In German language

Max. 16 people
Additional information
Price info: We are aware that not everyone has the same financial resources. At the same time, it is important to us that everyone has the opportunity to share experiences like this. Therefore, we have reserved a limited number of reduced and free tickets. If you have a demand, please feel free to contact:

Price: €20.00

Reduced price: €15.00