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mit Katharine Mehrling, Yui Kawaguchi u.a.

„Kurt Weill achieved something that only truly great composers succeed in doing – creating his own style. There is a sound and a harmony in his works that one always recognises, roughness and at the same time complexity, which I appreciate very much,“ says Joana Mallwitz, explaining her preference for the composer.

Similar to the first, his second symphony is also a rarely performed work, so this season's Weill focus may bring you two discoveries at once. Weill's satirical ballet with song „The Seven Deadly Sins“, on the other hand, is a well-known masterpiece that corresponds thematically with the introductory „Dance of the Seven Veils“ from Richard Strauss' „Salome“: „I am looking forward to the singer and actress Katharine Mehrling, who also expresses the wildness of the piece in scenic elements – an ideal casting,“ says our principal conductor.

Richard Strauss - „Tanz der sieben Schleier“ aus der Oper „Salome“ op. 54

Kurt Weill - Sinfonie Nr. 2


Kurt Weill - „Die sieben Todsünden“ (Bertolt Brecht) - Ballett mit Gesang

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Participating artists
Konzerthausorchester Berlin
Joana Mallwitz (Dirigentin)
Katharine Mehrling (Gesang)
Yui Kawaguchi (Tanz)
Michael Porter (Tenor)
Simon Bode (Tenor)
Michael Nagl (Bariton)
Oliver Zwarg (Bassbariton)
Katrin Sedlbauer (Regie)