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Monument and historic site

A historical walk by the Förderverein zum Gedenken an Nazi-Verbrechen um und auf dem Tempelhofer Flugfeld e.V. (Association for the Commemoration of Nazi Crimes around and on Tempelhof Airfield). - As early as 1933, the National Socialists established a Gestapo prison (Stapo Leitstelle Columbia) on the northern edge of Tempelhofer Feld and an SS concentration camp in 1934.

Denkmal KZ "Columbia" an der Straßenecke Columbiadamm/Golßener Strasse
Denkmal KZ "Columbia" an der Straßenecke Columbiadamm/Golßener Strasse © Dr. Martin Jander

Its name was "Columbia." It was dissolved in 1936. The internees were taken to the concentration camp Sachsenhausen. On this walk you will learn the history of the concentration camp, the stories of its victims and why former prisoners tried in vain for a long time to persuade the city of Berlin to erect a memorial after the end of the war. The memorial to the concentration camp and its victims was not inaugurated until December 3, 1994.

(Program in German)
Additional information
Tour guide: Eugen Troendlin (THF 33 - 45 e. V.).
Tour language: German.
Meeting point: Columbia Concentration Camp Memorial; Columbiadamm/Golßener Straße, 10965 Berlin.
Cost: 5.- €uro
KZ Denkmal „Columbia“
KZ Denkmal „Columbia“