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"This is the first and last attempt by animals from all continents to save the earth. We demand immediate action!" With these unmistakable words, polar bear Paula opens the conference of animals.

The situation around the planet is dramatic.

Animals are threatened by water shortages and wars, while humans gather again and again to negotiate the fate of the world at inconclusive conferences. They seem to have taken over reason and refuse to even listen to the animals and their demands. With every encounter, the conflict between humans and animals comes to a head, with every encounter the tone and language change.

What are people doing with their planet? Who is this "WE" and who owns the earth? With this production, director Andrea Pinkowski encounters the famous Kästner story quite freely, in a way animalistic. The interplay of story, movement and sound is shaped by a performative approach. The animalistic being translates into double bass, percussion, guitars, flutes and saxophone.

The story always remains in the foreground: What do animals have to do for people to understand them? What tone and action strike their hearts? How does the voice of the earth sound?

Already with Kästner, the children become the mediators between the intuitive animal world and the rational adult world. The story of the conference of animals calls for finding ideas for peaceful coexistence and a universal language together. With this production, the famous parable becomes a musical-animal appeal against the sluggishness of the heart.

  • Language: German
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Andrea Pinkowski (Regie)