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Free performance as part of the 13th Berlin FAMILY NIGHT

Does a sound ring or does a clang ring? Does a dang warble or toot in song? Does a tut sing or does a warble sing? Is there a bing or a clink?

Our two friendly friends Kling & Klang rush onto the stage with a lot of joy and explore the world of sounds for and with the children. How do you understand my sounds and how do I understand yours? When do sounds begin to dance in our ears and turn into music?

The musical theater play is inspired by a playful-musical research trip as part of TUKI - Theater & Kita with children from the Kita Paster-Behrens-Straße, Neukölln. Stowed away in a few suitcases, it can now travel to any daycare center!
Participating artists
Philipp Haagen (Musikalische Leitung)
Claudia Renner (Regie)
Sophia Hahn
Christian-O. Hille