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“Football is not just a thing! Football is Ding Dang Dong!” No one has ever expressed how diverse, colorful and fun football can be more beautifully than old master Trapattoni. And no one brings the funny sides of this sport to the stage as quickly and humorously as the editors of the award-winning football magazine 11FREUNDE.

Editor-in-chief Philipp Köster and head of service Jens Kirschneck read the best texts from the magazine, tell crazy anecdotes from the big football world and show films of brazen swallows and hopelessly messed up interviews on the sidelines.

This is hilarious and makes the press judge: “Humorous trip through the sport’s cabinet of curiosities, which the audience accompanies with almost lustful laughter.” (Osnabrücker Zeitung). And the “Gießenener Anzeiger” states: “A real home game! Not many Bundesliga games can compete with their entertainment value.”

The two have been on the road with a brand new program since 2020. They are celebrating 20 years of 11FREUNDE with previously unseen videos, new texts and incredible stories from the Bundesliga. To quote Andi Möller, we have “a good feeling in terms of feeling”.

Jens Kirschneck, born in Minden in 1966. Journalist since the early 90s, first for the weekly newspaper Bielefelder StadtBlatt, later for the Süddeutsche Zeitung, Frankfurter Rundschau and others. At the same time, many years of experience as a reading stage author. Since 2005 with 11FREUNDE in Berlin, since then regularly on tour with Philipp Köster as the “11 Friends Reading Tour”.

Philipp Köster, born in 1972 in Bobingen near Augsburg. In 1995, co-founder of the Arminia Bielefeld fanzine “At half past three the world was still in order”, since 2000 editor-in-chief of the football magazine 11FREUNDE. He also works as a columnist on the side, sometimes for the Tagesspiegel, Spiegel Online, sometimes for the RBB station Radio Eins. On December 21, 2010, Philipp Köster was chosen “Sports Journalist of the Year 2010” by Medium Magazine.

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