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Sharkie, Conny, Mitch and Ahja, the four from the Razzzel Gang land on the planet Aiuk Aikuck, a landfill for discarded robots. The four are in search of the Golden Tone, but there is only one song left on Aiuk Aikuck because Oochwooch, the jukebox robot, has destroyed all the tone pillars.

RAZZZ - Die Razzzelbande auf Aiuk Aiukuck
RAZZZ - Die Razzzelbande auf Aiuk Aiukuck © Marvin Pöttgen

With the help of the children, can the Razzzel Gang find a way to fix them?  Will Oochwooch and his robot friends Fuzzlo and Henk Smart discover a new job for themselves? Can Sharkie, Conny, Mitch and Ahja get closer to their goal, the Golden Clay?

Razzz Beatbox Entertainment's new interactive show takes young (and older) audiences on an interactive journey to the far reaches of the anchor galaxies in the first adventure of the Razzzelbande. Here they sing (along), dance (along) and - of course - beatbox (along). A potpourri of various sounds, fresh beats and musical earworms - all live, all with the mouth.

From 5-11 years, duration approx. 60 minutes

Information - 030-61402164

This event takes place subject to the current requirements of the state of Berlin.

(Program in German)
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