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Concert for Children from 1 to 5 Years

Meet the lark, the cuckoo, and the nightingale through the music of Schubert, Schumann, Grieg, and others, as well as German and English children’s songs. In Kinderlieder, soprano Simone Easthope and pianist Jonathan Ware weave a fairytale-like story about the birds of the forest, taking children and adults on a musical adventure in which they can actively participate. The morning performance is presented as part of the series of “Parental Leave” Concerts.In cooperation with Lullula Music

The afternoon concerts at 3 pm and 4.30 pm are aimed at children between the ages of 1 to 5 years. Please be aware that the morning concert at 10.30 am is presented as part of the series of “Parental Leave” concerts, intended exclusively for visitors with babies aged 12 months or younger.
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Jonathan Ware
Simone Easthope