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KAY RAY SHOW KAY RAY-A SPASSMACHER WITHOUT FURCHT AND TADEL Kay Rays Show is different. Because Kay Ray is different.

Kay Ray
Kay Ray Andreas Elsner

Unlike most of his fun makers. In these highly morally charged times of alternative-less political-correction, Kay Ray, in his mischievous impartiality, seems almost like the last of his kind. One who pays homage neither to the required seriousness nor to etiquette, but only to the fun. His insouciance is that of a child who utters what he thinks-capable of any truth and ready for all faxes. Without regard for losses. Without fear of shitstorms, Nazi cull vibration and other zeitgeist disorders. Because Kay Ray is a Kasper. An able-bodied schelm, free from shyness and shame. An owl mirror, far from all opinions and fashions. A classic goblin whose caprioles know neither belt lines nor other taste underlines and caps. A divine Gaukler is Kay Ray. A fun maker without fear and rebuke. He always holds up the mirror to us as a fool, never as a nine-malmer. He is a goblin and a comedian, a friend's dog and a filou. Humour is a hoax affair for him; For a punchline, he would even sell his grandmother-or at least Claudia Roth. In this politically so over-correct time, when the fear of the ' applause from the wrong side ' inflicted on many human professionals more sustainably than any stage fright-Kay Ray vervels them all: From the vegan to the Salafist, from the Reichsbürger to the fully veiled, From the horror clown to the Bundestag vice-president (which is with him one and the same runny gag). Nothing seems sacred to him-just hypocritical. Everyone gets their fat away; At Kay Ray, everyone deserves their minimum son. Kay Ray is the incarnate ringing prank: Provocation and poetry! Trash and Tabula rasa! Experiment and Extase! Anarchy and Amour fou! Klamauk and cabaret! Comedy and chanson!

As a singer, he reaches our hearts, as a clown of every diaphragm and as a provocateur every small spirit. No one is safe from their teats and magic. That's what makes him so different. And it makes its shows so different-evening in, evening. Experience it for yourself!

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