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Guest performance "Kobalt Figurentheater Berlin

Minki is looking for a friend for life, to hunt, eat, cuddle and play with. That's harder than she thought! The cat meets many animals, but none of them is perfect: neither the grumpy owl with whom she hunts, nor the pig who loves to cook, nor the sleepy marmot and the raging monkey... and the friendly crocodile with his fancy boat?

How good it is to have four friends in times of need! Because each one has his own strength and together they are all a great gang that sticks together and complements each other perfectly.

Around a Tree tells the story of children's basic needs: playing, eating, cuddling, sleeping. Even though cat Minki is disappointed at first, each animal with its nature offers the kitten a piece of fulfilment. In the end, the danger shows that Minki has found a community in which everyone takes their place and is important. Together they are strong.

(Program in German)
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