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Karla Marchesi uses the genre of 17th century Dutch still life painting in a provocative way to explore the socio-cultural issues that permeate our modern society. It invites us to reflect on the essence of human existence in the context of late capitalism and anthropocentrism.

Traditionally, bouquets in this cultural tradition were depicted with extreme accuracy and realism and presented in arrangements that contradicted the natural rhythms of blooming. These depictions reflected an anthropocentric view that saw nature as something controllable and sublime. Karla Marchesi, however, breaks this paradigm by painting scenes that are hyperreal and posthumanistic, depicting entire ecosystems in new configurations. In her works, time, space and existing plant species merge with fantastic mutations in tumultuous landscapes influenced by the unsettling forces of "globally uncanny" weather phenomena.

Imagine desert and marine landscapes colliding, plants emerging underwater, growing in caves and thriving along the tides as they overgrow the remnants of a bygone anthropocentric world. In place of the structures created by humanity, new organic monuments are rising.

Through her art rooted in the rich tradition of 17th-century Dutch still life, Karla Marchesi's work acts as a compelling tool through which we can explore the complex web of contemporary societal anxieties.
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